MadeByLeaf is the most sustainable solution to single use plastic & paper pollution. Handmade in Nepal using dry Sal leaves and Bamboo stems, 100% of the product decomposes back to nature.

Recycling is so complex and costly that less than 14% of recyclable products gets recycled and the rest end up in a landfill or gets dumped in the ocean. Using only dried leaves and stems, we eliminate the need for industrial recycling. You can easily compost them at home.

No water wasted No trees harmed No chemicals used

Good for you & the environment

Sal Trees are native to the Indian subcontinent, ranging south of the Himalaya, from Myanmar in the east to Nepal, and India. Local communities in Nepal and India have been using Sal leaf plates for centuries during festivities like weddings. The lightly curved plates are made by stitching several Saal leaves together with a fine bamboo sticks. The shiny fresh green leaves are very flexible and have a lot of moisture, making it easy to shape into different sizes without breaking the leaves. Sal leaf products are natural and much safer than eating out of a cardboard or plastic bowls.


Ethical & Transparent Process


Step 1

Dry Sal leaves are hand picked by local farmers.


Step 2

The leaves are hand stitched together with bamboo stems.


Step 3

Then its heat pressed into different shapes and sizes. And that’s it!

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Purposeful Information

Yes, Sal leaf bowls and plates have been used for decades in India and Nepal during festivities like weddings. Today, many local restaurants in Southeast Asia use it as a substitute for plastic and paper products.

It’s surprising how often we get this question. We haven't figured out a way to make them edible so for now the answer is NO. Although, in Southeast Asia people feed it to cattle after use :)

MadeByLeaf is the most sustainable solution to any single-use plastic or paper dishes. It's great for picnics, outdoor parties, events, food and music festivals.

Yes, it can hold both hot food and soups.

It's designed for one time use only but if used for dry foods like nuts and fruits it can be wiped with a clean cloth to reuse.

It's truly a zero waste product because it's made only with dried leaves and stems. No chemicals used, no water wasted and no trees were harmed during production.

A recent study done by The New Food Economy proved that molded fiber products are linked to cancerous chemicals whereas MadeByLeaf is natural and organic.