About Us

MADE BY LEAF is an environmentally friendly company that was founded with the goal in mind of creating biodegradable household products good for everyday use. We hope to be at the forefront of a totally green movement towards the future. One that steers us away from the use of plastic products that litter our earth and contribute nothing to the planet but “more mess.”

Our products are all made from natural and biodegradable plant based materials from Nepal. That means when you’re no longer able to use them? They won’t be going to waste in a landfill somewhere!

One Of A Kind

Our raw bowls are hand stitched with the finest hand-picked Sal leaves from Nepal. MADE BY LEAF’s bowls are quite literally “farm to table” so much as they’re actually made and stitched by farmers local to the region in Nepal. So, you’re not just helping a green movement, you’re helping create jobs for these farmers and our other workers as well.

How Do You Make Your Bowls?

  • Step 1

    Local farmers pick up the Sal leaves right before it’s ready to fall off the trees.

  • Step 2

    They hand stitch each bowl with the stems.

  • Step 3

    The bowls are sun dried for a day.

  • Step 4

    The bowls are then heat pressed on 150 - 200 degrees for a uniform shape.

The Wisdom of Sal Trees

Sal Trees are native to the Indian Subcontinent, ranging south of the Himalayas; from Myanmar in the East to Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. In Hindu Tradition, the Sal Tree is said to be favored by Lord Vishnu. It’s name Shala, Shaal, or Sal, comes from Sanskrit (शाल, ŚĀLA, meaning “HOUSE”), a name that suggests it be used for housing timber.

Buddhist Tradition holds that Queen Maya of Sakya, while en route to her grandfather’s kingdom, gave birth to Gautama Buddha while grasping the branch of a Sal Tree or an Ashoka Tree in a garden in Lumbini in South Nepal. According to Buddhist Tradition in a garden in Lumbini in South Nepal. Also, according to Buddhist Tradition, the Buddha was lying between a pair of Sal Trees when he died.


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