Made By Leaf is an environmentally conscious brand with an audacious goal of eliminating the impact of single use plates & bowls.

Unlike the common biodegradable products, our plates & bowls are made with naturally dried and fallen leaves. We only use leaves and stems. No chemicals! No trees harmed! Minimal water used!

We’re glad you asked! Local farmers pick up the Sal leaves right before it’s ready to fall off the trees Step 2: They hand stitch each bowl with the stems Step 3: The bowls are sun dried for a day Step 4: The bowls are then heat pressed on 150 - 200 degrees for a uniform shape

The leaves come from a holy tree found in northern part of Nepal normally used during rituals. We believe that they carry magical powers.

Any kind of warm or cold food. Also, good for liquid when consumed within a few hours of serving.

Leaf plates have been used for centuries by people in India and Nepal. It’s completely safe.

We wish!! Wouldn’t that be amazing? Unfortunately it's not, please don’t try to eat it.

The plates & bowls are 100% compostable and biodegradable. You can compost it at home or take it to your local compost drop-off.

Our Story

Created by plant eaters and animal lovers who care deeply about mother earth. We are a wife-husband duo from Nepal and are so happy that you joined us in making a conscious choice of using plants over plastics.


Change doesn’t happen overnight! Change takes time; and when you purchase one of our products? Just realize that you’re not only buying a quality product that we’re sure you’ll love. We hope to be at the forefront of a totally green movement towards the future. One that steers us away from the use of plastic products that litter our earth and contribute nothing to the planet but “more mess.” At LEAF, we don’t believe in being a part of the problem. We strive to only be a part of the solution. One that will result in a happier, and healthier planet for us all.